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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2018.07:


FP Designer

  • Update the Print feature to add the package dimensions and pad stack data


  • Implemented the keepoutType keyword, which appears to be specific to Pulsonix PLX. A type of Comp is added for every Component Keepout, which will come from the Courtyard of the Part
  • Adjusted the Courtyard Keepout to set its LayerNumRef to Courtyard_Top so that it hopefully picks up the keepout rules. This is only for Pulsonix and not the other PCAD variants.

P-CAD .LIA (covers DesignSpark, all P-CAD versions and Pulsonix)

  • Fixed an issue where the plated value was being set to false for through-hole pad stacks.
  • Adjusted the code so that the Placement Courtyard gets translated as a PolyKeepout in the output. This should allow tools like Pulsonix to pull the keepout.
  • Fixed an issue with Polys with Arcs. They should now be fully described as points.


  • Added the start of functionality to allow for the tangent arc nomenclature for calling out Pad Outlines. Right now, it’s restricted to square rounded pads for testing purposes.


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