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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2018.09:


Small Outline L-Lead (SOL)

  • Added a 10 and 12 pin version

Library Editor

  • When selecting Create New Row, the new columns “Mounting Type” and “Part Status” are automatically added:
  • 1.) Mounting Type = Surface Mount or Through-hole
  • 2.) Part Status = Active or Obsolete (Not Recommended for New Designs = Obsolete)
  • Fixed a bug where the program throws an Exception Error when the Find feature stays active when opening multiple FPX files


  • Vertical Header: Fixed an issue where selecting the Center of Pins origin feature did not work correctly
  • PSON with Tab: Removed an unnecessary warning message


  • QFN: Fixed an issue with the 90 degree Wrap Around Lead model
  • SOP: Fixed an issue where the Body Cavity and Polarity Marker were not filling in properly


  • Fixed a .bat command line from Allegro –orcad to Allegro -product OrCAD_PCB_Editor_basics


  • Fixed a problem that was drawing two identical Keep Out All shapes


  • Fixed a crash bug with CR-5000 pad stacks which have more than one area of paste mask


Weitere Informationen und Versions Historien finden Sie auch im Forum des Herstellers: