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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2019.02:



  • Fixed the Land Pattern Naming Convention to add the “Reverse” (mirrored) suffix “R” to the footprint name


  • SOT23 component family – Fixed the naming convention to include the pin quantity

Library Editor

  • Fixed the feature for “Tools > Update BOM From Library” which was disabled
  • Restricted in the free Library Expert "Pro"


  • Fixed an issue with Keep-outs that was causing them to come in as circle paths with zero line_width. They will now be set properly to circle shapes.

  • Fixed free-standing Arcs, which were coming out as circles

Allegro/OrCAD PCB

  • Fixed an issue with pins when no rotation was given (usually mounting holes)
  • The Device File will now exclude Mechanical Pins on both the PINORDER line and FUNCTION line, adjust the pin count downward by the number of Mechanical Pins
  • Fixed an issue with bottom layer SMD pads not generating properly
  • Fixed an issue with 17.2 S048 not being recognized as able to do donut shapes
  • Fixed an issue where equivalent Custom Pad Stacks weren’t being filtered properly
  • Fixed a visibility Issue where Parts Per Script was being disabled for 17.2.048


  • Fixed a crash bug with the Pad Naming set to CR-5000 style
  • Fixed an issue with terminal outlines


  • Fixed an issue where Through-hole Pins were being misinterpreted as Surface Mount

Unique Parts

  • Fixed an issue that was causing rectangular keep-outs to erroneously have a line width


  • QFN – Fixed an issue that was causing Allegro/OrCAD PCB to choke
  • Custom 3D Colors: Turned the ability to edit custom 3D Colors off until the OK button calculates the Footprint
  • Color Preferences: Fixed an issue that doubled the Color Preference options when opening, closing and reopening Preferences


Weitere Informationen und Versions Historien finden Sie auch im Forum des Herstellers: