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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2018.02:



  • The default LGA pad shape was updated from “Rounded Square” to “Square”

Library Editor

  • Added a new SAMPLE BOM.xlsx file for FPX to BOM compare demo

Library Expert Pro

  • Added a notification in the CAD tool translator dialog box on how to change CAD tool formats

FP Designer

  • Doubled the size for pad stack creation. Was limited to a 25.4 mm pad size
  • Fixed an issue with Silkscreen Legend Outline. An outline that had no cuts was coming out as a non-closed polygon.


  • The 3D STEP model for MELF Diodes was not being created correctly. The polarity band was cutting through the body.


  • Fixed an issue when generating “Unique” parts that were originally created in PADS Layout and inserted into FPX.

PADS Layout

  • Fixed an issue where in some installations, Extended Layers was the default


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