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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2018.04:



  • Expanded the Footprint Name Density Level suffix to 5-digits instead of 3; also allowed the use of lower case characters

  • Multi-part default file name “New_Parts” can now be controlled in the Files tab in Console Preferences


  • Added a Thermal Pad Paste Mask Minimum web thickness


  • Added V2018 as an option
  • V2018 will now properly have a CPA version callout of 20, rather than 19


  • Fixed an issue with the Vertical Mirror feature. When switching between component families disabled Mirror Vertical.
  • Vertical Headers: fixed an issue where a particular pin pattern turned all the pad shapes to square.
  • Fixed an issue with the DPAK component family Paste Mask reduction pattern.

Circuit Studio

  • Added this CAD tool interface to all versions of Library Expert

FP Designer - Round Packages

  • Fixed an issue with saving Square Body and then retrieving and updating to Round Body would not properly save as Round Body
  • Fixed an issue where the silkscreen Legend was not properly communicating with Legend Clearance Preferences

Calculator - Molded Body Component Family

  • The Export using Multi-part was producing a different (incorrect) Body Outline Length than the Single-part output
  • Physical Description was updated to produce the Body Length per the “D1” dimension (rather than the “D” dimension)

PCB Library Editor

  • FPX Creation from PADS p/d files - fixed an issue that was causing Donut Pads in a pad stack to not convert properly


  • Molded Body Component Family - fixed an issue that was causing the body and leads of the part not to reflect its true D1 width
  • Chip Array, Convex Component Family- fixed an issue with the Terminal Leads coming out as no width when the “b1” dimensions were not used


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