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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2019.05:


Drafting Symbols

  • Added Bottom Solder Mask layer
  • Fixed an issue when re-selecting the Drafting Outline on the Top Solder Mask layer, the Preference setting flipped back to Top Legend


  • Changed the default Target Library form "Use Existing" to "Create New"
  • Fixed a problem where the Assembly Ref Des wasn't getting the proper Width value


  • Fixed the Mounting Hole Footprint Name bug


  • QFP - Fixed an issue that was causing the body to have errors
  • QFP w/tab - A minimum standoff of 0.02 mm is enforced to make sure the thermal tab model does not break



Weitere Informationen und Versions Historien finden Sie auch im Forum des Herstellers: