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Neue Funktionen und Verbesserungen der Version 2017.20:


  • Fixed an issue when Pin 1 Pad Shape was different than the other pad shapes, the Terminal Lead Outline was suppressed in the output
  • SOFL – Fixed a problem with the generation of the 3D Model for SOFL that was causing the leads to calculate improperly
  • Fixed an issue when selecting Shapes and leaving them Selected and opening another part, the highlight of the selection appears in the new part
  • Fixed an issue with BGA & LGA for single pin parts throwing an erroneous error message and not producing the pad
  • Fixed an issue with the SOTFL Transistor component family, the thumbnail image with the packages dimensions was suppressed

Polarity Marking:

  • Fixed an issue when changing a Round Polarity Marker to Triangle the Rotation button wasn’t turning on.


  • Fixed and issue in the LGA and CGA component Families, when entering a new Terminal Lead Size, the program threw and Handled Exception Error
  • Fixed and issue for setting the SON & QFN Thermal Pad Paste Mask to 100%, Library Expert was still using a “Pattern” pad, rather than a solid pad

    FP Designer:

    • Fixed an issue with Non-plated through-hole pad stacks that require a copper annular ring with a ID larger than the hole size

    CAD Tool Interfaces:

    • Fixed an issue when the Footprint Name had an illegal character, Library Expert crashed. Now it throws a warning message.

    Allegro/OrCAD PCB:

    • Cleaned up the plating code for 17.2 pad stacks and fixed a problem where plated mounting holes were being set to non-plated
    • Fixed an issue with the last update that caused Allegro to stop making regular .pad Pad Stacks for rounded rectangle pad shape
    • Four additional scripting commands were added just as pin generation goes to start. These commands are settings which are used to put the scripting engine into a known expected state for FPX, most of which should already be the default, but these are added in case the user has changed the defaults. In order, these are:
    • Set the coordinate system to Rectangular
    • Increment pin numbers in the horizontal direction by 1
    • Increment pin numbers in the vertical direction by 1
    • Set the initial pin rotation to 0


    • Fixed an issue with thermal tabs with a chamfer, where custom stop was not being generated


    • Fixed a problem where if you regenerated fresh preferences, it would use 3D_TOP, rather than THREED_TOP and cause an exception to be thrown
    • Fixed an issue for Terminal Outlines coming out as stacked on multiple occurrences


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